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The benefits of doing IT at home, too

Earlier this week, The Register touted the benefits of having a home lab. That lab doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate. But there is definitely something to be said for having some equipment that you can learn and experiment on, and that can break without the world ending.

Fixing an HP Elitebook 6930p that won’t turn on, in a minute flat

We use HP Elitebooks at work, mostly model 6930p, but some of our longer tenured professionals have 6910p models. A couple of times in the last three months, my coworkers have had difficulty getting theirs to power up in the morning. Here’s what I do to help when this happens. It’s easy, and takes less […]

How the previous week’s headlines flow together

Here are some headlines I read this past week: Dell is trying to take itself private. Microsoft is investing in Dell. Intel is pulling out of the motherboard market. AMD is considering ARM CPUs. And the PC is dead. It’s all related.

Follow-up on the Insignia NS20EM50A13 monitor

After about a month with an Insignia NS20EM50A13 monitor, I still mostly like it, but can note one annoyance. When booting up a system, the monitor sometimes likes to switch from the DVI input to VGA, without warning. If you happen to be sitting there when it happens, you notice it and can switch it […]

R.I.P.: Netbooks

The last two netbook vendors standing, Acer and Asus, have both announced they’ve produced their last netbook. So they’re joining the Playstation 2 in the land of the digital dinosaurs, though I suspect more people will miss the 12-year-old game console than the netbook. The Guardian has an analysis, but basically they blame the emergence […]

Review: Insignia NS20EM50A13 monitor

My 15-inch Dell LCD died this weekend. Its date of manufacture was October 2001, so I can’t complain. I bought it used a number of years ago and paid a pittance for it. It had been acting up for more than a year, and at least it had the decency to wait until a potential […]

The trouble with Dell

Note: I wrote this in mid-2010 and, for whatever reason, never posted it. I found it this week. Although the information in it is no longer fresh and new, it’s still useful, so for that reason, I’m posting it now. Dell is standing on some shaky ground right now. Bill Snyder has a good summary […]

Hard drives aren’t like tires

I talked with my pastor about something unrelated last Sunday, and he mentioned the church was recovering from a massive server failure. So we ended up talking mostly about that, which was fine. It’s good to be able to help the community from time to time. This past Sunday, I talked with the executive director, […]

Cable connections are the last thing most people check…

Fed up with trying to host a network printer on a Windows 7 box on a mixed network, I broke down and bought a Jetdirect card for my aged HP Laserjet 4100. Don’t worry–used Jetdirect cards are cheap these days. I paid $7 for mine. Of course I made installing it harder than I needed […]

The legendary Margin of Safety

I have an opportunity to read Margin of Safety, the 1991 investment book by Seth Klarman that’s long out of print and regularly sells secondhand for hundreds, if not upwards of a thousand dollars. Suffice it to say, I feel a certain obligation to read it since it’s highly regarded enough for people to pay […]