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How to pay off the national debt in less than 30 years

A couple of coworkers were talking about taxes, deficits and the national debt this week.

One of them looked my direction and said, “I’ll bet Dave can figure out how to pay off the

national debt.”

It’s actually not as hard as it sounds.

Hey publishers, get over Google Print already!

I really don’t understand why Google’s plan to digitize the text of thousands of books and make them searchable is controversial.

France didn’t like it because they think it will be U.S.-biased. Get over it, France. Google is a U.S. company. What language do you think they’d do first? Hungarian? But I understand that. That’s just France being anti-American.

Now some U.S. publishers are complaining too, and that’s what I don’t understand. They should be loving this.

R. Collins refuses to concede the election

R. Collins Farquhar IV, aristocrat, scientist, and next president of the United States

To the voting populace.


Be it known that this past election was so close that I refuse to concede it.

A political announcement from R. Collins

R. Collins Farquhar IV, aristocrat and scientist, would like to take this opportunity to remind you that declaring war on France is one of his campaign promises.

Vote early. Vote often.

Pretentious Pontifications: R. Collins for President

R. Collins Farquhar IV, Aristocrat and Scientist.

To the directionless American people.


As my most recent endeavor received little appreciation, it is my great delectation to announce my decision to devote my considerable talents to solving the world’s problems.

Myths about the 1904 World’s Fair

I just spent some time over at Wikipedia attempting to demolish the myths that the ice cream cone, hot dog, and hamburger were invented in St. Louis at the 1904 World’s Fair. Hey, one does lots of things when there’s a big pile of stuff needing to be done that one would rather neglect.

Royal roots

This past summer, someone told me he’d traced his genealogy back to William the Conqueror. I acted impressed, but I didn’t believe him. I dismissed it as wishful thinking.

This guy was anti-Microsoft years before anti-Microsoft was cool

Here’s an interesting article, written in 1997 in France, that goes all over the anti-Microsoft map, talking about technical problems, legal problems, bundling, and other issues. The interesting thing about this is that in 1997, there weren’t a lot of people willing to listen.

An irreverent look at April 4 in history

On this day in 1581, Sir Francis Drake finished his journey around the world. For his efforts, Queen Elizabeth received a message from the Spanish government, saying Drake was nothing more than a pirate who ought to be hanged. She didn’t take them up on the suggestion.

This is so ridiculous I can’t parody it

OK, Steve provoked me into coming back. He sent me something enraging. Irresponsible. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid.