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Curing random errors when installing Office 2013

I got lots of random errors installing Office 2013 when I went to do it, including error code 112-4 and error code 0-4, and some other install errors mostly ending in 4 that aren’t documented on Microsoft’s web site. Although previously undocumented, these errors are fixable.

Accessing the Programs and Features control panel app from the command line

From time to time I have to pull up Programs and Features (formerly known as Add and Remove Programs in obsolete versions of Windows), but I’m not an administrator. Not normally, at least. When I need to do so, I run cmd.exe using my administrative ID–I created a shortcut and pinned it to my Start […]

How to add a TCP/IP printer in the Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 still has some unfinished business when it comes to printers. I have an older HP Laserjet 4100 with a Jetdirect card in it that I use to print from all of my PCs. Getting Windows 10 to print to it isn’t difficult but it’s hardly intuitive at this point, either.

The Enerlites HOSS occupancy sensor switch – no ground required

One of the most common questions I get is whether there’s an occupancy sensor light switch that doesn’t require a ground connection. I finally found one: The Enerlites Top Greener HOSS, and it’s pretty cheap too, at $12. A Lutron switch costs almost twice as much. But the HOSS does come with some compromises. The HOSS […]

IE gets patched and XP gets a reprieve

In case you haven’t heard, Microsoft released an emergency patch yesterday afternoon for the bad Internet Explorer bug that prompted the Department of Homeland Security to tell everyone not to use IE until further notice. That was no surprise, given the amount of publicity behind this bug. What was a surprise was that they went […]

How I turned a junker PC into a trap for scammers

Note: I wrote this almost a year ago. It wasn’t good enough to publish then, I thought. This week I’m slammed, and it’s better than anything I can write this week, so, it’s time to release it. -Dave As my regulars will be aware, for the past few weeks I’ve been getting lots of phone […]

How to downgrade a Log Logic universal collector

If you’ve ever upgraded a LogLogic universal collector and had it fail to work, it’s very disconcerting to see the error message when you try to reinstall the previous version: Downgrades aren’t supported. But there is a solution.

The Phoenix Project: A must-read book for anyone who aspires to IT leadership

After a bad day at work last week, I went home and ordered The Phoenix Project (or here it is on Amazon), started reading it, and felt better. Like Office Space, but there’s more to learn from it. Phoenix is more realistic. Every problem every shop I’ve ever worked in is in that shop, plus […]

Getting a proper Start button back even when Microsoft doesn’t want to give one

Are you putting off switching to Windows 8.1 because you don’t want to relearn everything from scratch that you’ve known since 1995? I saw Windows 8.1 on Thanksgiving, and you have to do some asinine downward swipe with the mouse to bring up Control Panel. Yeah, that’s easier. But even though Microsoft insists on shooting […]

How to check what version of Java you’re running on Windows

Sometimes, especially on Windows servers, it’s difficult to check to verify what version of Java you’re running while you’re making your rounds. If you don’t have a scanning tool to check it, here’s how to do it by hand, even if the Java control panel doesn’t show up: Navigate to C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\javacpl.exe, run it, and […]