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Firefox memory high? It might be Adblock Plus

Last week, a great deal of discussion about ad blocking and its effect on memory usage took place. This makes a lot of sense, and explains why my memory usage has always been really high. I’m not sure there’s a lot you can do about it. One of these days I’m going to get around […]

End of the innocence for Mac security

Antivirus vendor Kapersky has identified a new trojan horse targetting Macintoshes.  It spreads a botnet based somewhere in China via an infected Microsoft Word document, typically sent as an e-mail attachment. The spin is that if you don’t use Word on your Mac, you’re safe. That’s true–this week. But going forward, it’s going to take […]

Customize Firefox before it hits the ground on a new PC

Here’s a nifty-looking program: Firefox Addon Maker, which allows you to create customized Firefox installer packages. This is helpful if you install Firefox a lot, whether in corporate or home settings.

Adblock Plus adds an option for allowable ads

Adblock Plus, starting with version 2.0, is going to start allowing acceptable ads, something I see as a good thing. I’m not against advertising–I use it on my own site. I’d prefer not to have an all-or-nothing approach to ad blocking. In fact, I only started blocking ads when I started getting malware that I […]

How to find out what add-ons are slowing down Firefox

Here’s a site worth bookmarking. Add-ons are the big thing Firefox offers that the other browsers don’t, but it sometimes comes at the price of performance. And I guess Mozilla is tired of that, so now they’re testing add-on speed and publishing the results at .

Defrag scareware

This isn’t exactly news, as word has been going around for a couple of weeks, but if you haven’t heard about it elsewhere, there are some fake defragmenters going around. I heard mention of it today, and it reminded me that I saw one last week when I was working on my mother in law’s […]

A late adopter’s survival guide to Facebook: Part 1 of 3

A good friend asked me for some thoughts on Facebook this week. Like many people, he’s resistant. But, as he put it, it’s the standard for personal, non-professional communication these days. As a Facebook late adopter, I understand the hesitancy. As someone with a couple of years’ experience, I’ve weathered some storms. So he asked […]

Blocking malware at the operating system level

In recent months I’ve been recommending that everyone run Adblock Plus with the malware domains subscription, to get extra protection beyond what your antivirus/antispyware suite can give. Given a choice between detecting and blocking bad stuff, or not downloading it at all, it’s much better to not download it at all. There are some downsides […]

Hey! I’m famous!

I got mentioned in a post about Adblock Plus on Lifehacker.

In a comment about something else, I mentioned that you should install Adblock Plus and turn on the Malware Domains subscription to give yourself protection beyond what your antivirus software does. If intercepting bad-guy software is good, not even downloading it in the first place is better.

I guess someone liked the advice.