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Don’t call the war on hackers unwinnable

John C Dvorak asks what war we’re waging on hackers. While war may not be the best choice of words, because it’s not exactly a conventional war, there’s no question there’s something going on, and we’re not winning it right now. The latest salvo is that someone in China is building a botnet using Macintoshes.

End of the innocence for Mac security

Antivirus vendor Kapersky has identified a new trojan horse targetting Macintoshes.  It spreads a botnet based somewhere in China via an infected Microsoft Word document, typically sent as an e-mail attachment. The spin is that if you don’t use Word on your Mac, you’re safe. That’s true–this week. But going forward, it’s going to take […]

Another questionable SSD bargain

There’s a deal floating around on 90 GB OCZ Agility 3 drives for $80. But I’m not inclined to bite, for two reasons.

Securing wi-fi isn’t about price gouging

The so-called wi-fi golden era is over, and apparently being glad about it makes me an absolutist. But John C. Dvorak is wrong. This isn’t about making people pay for Internet access. It’s pure security. Toilets and drinking fountains are free because the majority of people don’t abuse them. The Internet can’t be wide open […]

Splurge budgets keep you from overspending on impulse

Wise Bread (via Lifehacker) recommends creating a “splurge budget” to keep yourself from overspending on impulse. My family does this. It works.

The legacy lamp

About 35, or maybe even 40 years ago, my dad went through a phase. Or perhaps I should say a craze–he made lamps out of anything that didn’t move. And I’m sure if anyone had pointed that out to him, he would have made a lamp out of something that did, just to prove them […]

A snafu when installing an SSD in some laptops

I hotrodded an old Dell Inspiron e1505 laptop by installing a Samsung 830 SSD in it. I hit a snag along the way. The fix is easy but not necessarily obvious.

Feeling poor on $100,000 a year

Yahoo! Finance! has! a! first-person! story! about! struggling! on! six! figures! Silliness aside, you might be surprised to hear I–an infamous stingy Scottish miser–am at least a little sympathetic.

Umm, no, that’s not Commodore, and that’s not an Amiga

Some stories floating around are suggesting that Commodore is still around, and they just released a new, overpriced Amiga. Well, there’s a company slapping “Commodore” and “Amiga” labels on PC cases that look kind of like Apple Mac Mini cases and stuffing off-the-shelf components in them, but they’re Commodore Amigas in name only.

A bad day to be a duck

It was a dark and dreary and rainy morning. Colder than it has been, too. We were talking about it at work. “It’s a good day to be a duck,” I said.