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The rock, or the hard place?

I have to confess I’m paying minimal attention to technology these last few days. I’ve been watching the goings-on in the Middle East. I saw the headlines that Intel’s newest chipset is buggy, but that won’t go down as the biggest news of 2011. A revolution in Egypt stands a chance. And it could have […]

Should the site go dark…

Should this site go dark for a few days, know that it’s not entirely unexpected. There’s some nasty talk of thundersnow this week, and before that, anywhere from half an inch to an inch of ice, followed by gusts of wind. The last time we got that much ice was in late November/early December 2006, […]

Spinrite 6: An overdue review

Spinrite 5 is an old friend. It got me out of some jams in the late ’90s, but as new versions of Windows that defaulted to NTFS came into my life, Spinrite 5 ceased being an option, since it only worked on FAT-formatted drives. I’ve had occasion now to use Spinrite 6, its successor, which […]

A question for you old-timers

Dvorak was in rare form this week, as he writes something that reads more like an e-mail virus alert chain letter.,2817,2376702,00.asp Read on for the money quote.

Misguided security, episode 14

I was working in a data center, where we had a couple of Cisco VOIP phones. I don’t know who put them in or when–it’s possible they predated me. We never got them working, but nobody ever really tried, either. The idea was that two guys working on servers in different datacenters across the WAN […]

Spam, spam, spam, spam!

I’m noticing a trend with my spam comments lately (you never see them because I have a plugin that catches them, and lets me delete the day’s batch with one click). Begging and desperation. Let me elaborate.

E.R. Johnston, the train dealer, the myth, the legend

Something today made me think of Johnston Electric, a legendary, long-gone train store in St. Louis’ Dutchtown neighborhood that sold Lionel, American Flyer, and HO scale trains. I was in the old Marty’s Model Railroads store in Affton one afternoon several years ago while Marty was going through a box of trains he had bought […]

What is On30?

To a newcomer, and even many people with years of experience, the phrase “On30″ is confusing. Basically, it’s O scale models (1:48) of narrow-gauge (30 inches in this case) railroads. And that probably raises a few more questions, so I’ll try to answer them.

Read this if you use ICQ

If you still use ICQ for some reason, there’s fake antivirus malware being distributed through it. The story is making its way through various news sources. You basically have two options, beyond not clicking on anything that claims to be an antivirus warning while ICQ is running. Stop using ICQ, or do the malware domains […]

Glue for plastic models and buildings

I saw a question for the millionth time on a forum about what glues to use on plastic models and buildings. So I’ll cover the topic here, where it won’t get purged after 8 months. Ask the question at a hobby shop, and the answer comes down roughly 50/50 whether to use some type of […]