All posts for the day August 27th, 2006

I now have a dog.

My wife asked me today if we could go look at dogs. We’ve been talking about getting one for a while. "Well," I said. "You never just look at dogs. If there’s a dog there, you’ll come home with one." I know these things. So I asked if we were ready if we came home with one.

She said we were. Next thing I knew, we were driving home with a dog in the back seat, trying to worm her way into the front.

How to organize your thoughts and notes

I know a lot of people keep notebooks pertaining to their hobbies. Any time they find something good on a discussion forum or elsewhere, they made a copy, print it out, punch holes in it, and put it in the notebook. Some people even put their own notes, from experience or discussions, in there.

These notebooks are a good way to learn a lot and retain it–you may forget some things over the years, but reading through the notebook again will refresh your memory.

There’s just one problem with notebooks–finding the information buried within.