168 Apple II clones!?

I didn’t grow up using Apple IIs; I was a Commodore fan in the 1980s. But I found the site apple2clones.com interesting nevertheless.I knew there were a large number of Apple II clones made, most of them illicitly, abroad. Here in the United States, I knew about Franklin’s Apple II clones–they ultimately led to software being copyrightable, so they had a legacy that outlasted the Apple II by a long shot–and about the VTech Laser 128, which seems to be the only completely legal Apple II clone ever made.

I also know there were some Soviet clones, but I know little about them other than they existed and that an ilicit hacker culture developed around them. I haven’t found any mention of them on the site. I believe the Prawetz 8c was one of the Soviet clones. The site has pictures, and the pictures suggest it was Soviet-built, but little information on them.

Fascinating reading.